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A Look at the Long Business Career of Frank Magliato

April 24, 2018
Frank Magliato has always has a talent for identify and then taking advantage of the most unique and profitable business opportunities available and doing so in a way that provides the most benefit to his clients. His ability to act on deals for his clients’ benefit show Franks to be capable of viewing such opportunities from many angles. That is likely why he seems to have such a knack for making any deal work for anyone he is working for, even he is the only party to the deal. His experience has been quite diverse, even after his career is well into its fourth decade.

Frank Magliato

It has been said that Frank Magliato can do anything and usually does. This is a likely reason he has been selected to serve on so many organizational and corporate boards. His favorite board membership is more philanthropic in nature, as a director for the Guardian Foundation, which supports improvements in the welfare and the health of Panamanian children by offering grants to groups who create better conditions fo everyone.